Russian terrorists secret training base created in Sevastopol

Russia has created secret training base in Crimea for its terrorists according to Ukrainian magazine "Glavred".
"Every year, incognito, Russian Navy's Special Forces units based in city of Tuapse and belonging to GRU (army's main intelligence service) visits the city of Sevastopol for training purposes.
Having training bases on Russia's Caucasian coastline, twice a year Moscow prefers to send its military intelligence divisions to Ukraine to fulfill their skills. With the help of those units Russia has destroyed Georgia's main naval base in the city of Poti in August 2009" - says the magazine.
The edition also notes that from the beginning of 90's the number of Russian terrorists from FSB on the Black Sea fleet has considerably increased.
Also, there are 5 structural divisions of Russian GRU gang, "that actively interfered in an establishment of the Ukrainian state in Crimea and Sevastopol in the beginning 1990s".
Officers of Russian intelligence spend lots of time working on the formation of loyal attitude among Crimea's and especially, Sevastopol's population towards Russian Black Sea Fleet that might result "people's" support of prolongation of Fleets stay in Ukraine. Another direction of gang's activity is crating of Anti-NATO attitude among locals" - informs the Ukrainian magazine.
"Denis Ivanov" - magazine's Sevastopol journalist scrupulously lists the information he gained on impudent behavior of Russian security officers.
"In 2004 at a local bar "Domino" officers of FSB, being wasted from alcohol started destroying of utensils. When the waiter trying to calm them down and asked them for monetary compensation for damaged goods they reacted more aggressively.
They threatened the personnel of bar supported with the public demonstration of their intelligence ID cards. After that, Russian "James Bonds" left the place without paying for damages they caused" - says the author.
"In 2006, on New Year's eve Ukrainian traffic safety patrol officers stopped the "service" car Toyota of Russian Black Sea Fleet. The driver, Sergey Chuglin without hesitation presented himself as an intelligence officer and demanded noninterference with the movement of the car.
As it was found out, the car didn't belong to Russia's Black sea fleet and was a personal vehicle of FSB officer and registered in Russia. It has been imported to Ukraine from Russia illegally" - affirms the publication.
«In 2006-07 Sergey Lyashchenko, the operative employee of Special Service of the Russian Federation who supervised the work of the 31-st research center of Russian navy placed in Feodosiya, "unexpectedly" became interested in local mass-media and the different civil organizations.
Through the employees of these organizations, FSB officer has tried to find informants among Crimean Tatars who had connections with the Mejlis (self-governing body of Crimean Tatars). The final purpose was the establishment of list of members of the Mejlis belonging to "Khizbut-Takhrir", organization which was called "Radical".
Further, it was planned to use this information under the discretion of the higher management of intelligence service, particularly for discretion of Mejlis" - informs the magazine, specifying, that operation was supervised by FSB's Navy department head, Colonel Valery Shalakhin.
"In 2008 with the help of Ukrainian citizen Dmitry Kosilov FSB organized information gathering about those inhabitants of Sevastopol who where persons of interest for Russian intelligence, in particular employees of Sevastopol city council. Arrested for bogus real estate scams, Russian Spy began cooperation with Ukrainian intelligence and declared that information was collected on the behalf of FSB's Black Sea chapter employee Sergey Kistenev" - writes "Glavred".
The magazine also notes that FSB coordinates local pro-Russian forces and also shares experiences with the representatives of private security companies - "In particular, employees of private security enterprise "Force-Majeure" were trained and taught by the representative of Russian FSB Sergey Zharkov" - says the magazine.
An article also publics the data private businesses in Sevastopol owned by FSB employees. For example, FSB officer Gennady Sidnenko registered the company that sells beer and non-alcoholic beverages to his spouse.
Also him, "using his influence on Black Sea Fleet's officers, opened the beauty salon on the territory of military dormitory located at General Ostryakov Avenue, house 61, Sevastopol. As in previous case all the documents were registered to his wife."
Base on this sort of information, Ukrainian Security Council's request to FSB - to leave Crimea till December 13th, 2009 proves to be correct and timely. If not done so, Ukrainian special service reserves the right to investigate and press charges against Russian Security Officers for espionage.[adm/kavkaz]

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