Erdogan: Gaza witnessing humanitarian tragedy

ISTANBUL -- Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has described the conditions in the Gaza Strip as a humanitarian tragedy that should be ended without further delay.

Addressing a forum in Istanbul on Monday, Erdogan said that what is happening in Gaza is "horrible" and should not be ignored.

Reconstruction work is paralyzed due to the Israeli ban on entry of construction material, he said, adding that conditions in Gaza are worsening.

The premier asked the world community to lift the "oppressive siege" on Gaza immediately and to open all crossings to allow entry of humanitarian material.

Abdullah Gul, the Turkish president, told his country's official TV TRTI on Sunday evening that Turkey would continue to criticize any wrong policy on the part of Israel.

He said that having relations with Israel does not mean remaining silent regarding such practices.

He asked Israel to learn a lesson from the endorsement of the Goldstone report at the UN human rights council, which proved that such Israeli practices were erroneous. [adm/palestine-info]

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