Examination. The Pakistani army is under the threat of defeat in Waziristan

The Islamabad based correspondent of American "The Christian Science Monitor" Issam Ahmed referring to Rifaat Hussain, a security analyst at the Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, reported that the aggression of Pakistani army against the South Waziristan, risks being a failure for the following 3 reasons:

1. South Waziristan is is the Hakimullah Mehsud stronghold and their home turf, the Taliban can expect the 100 % assistance of the local public.

2. The number of South Waziristan Mujahideen by some estimates is up to 30 thousand fighters that correspond to the number of army of intrusion. The Taliban is also has up to 1 thousand Martyrs for use in military operations.

3. A non-stop supply line of weapons, military equipment, and a numerical strength of Mujahideen works for Pakistani Taliban from across the Afghan border.

The Islamabad based correspondent of the Los Angeles Times, Alex Rodriguez has also reported that Pakistani military clique will not expect well in the South Waziristan.

Firstly, it is very difficult for a regular army to conduct military operations in mountainous terrain, and in mountains such army becomes vulnerable.

Secondly, the Pakistani soldiers would have to fight with "ferocious" foreign Mujahideen who cannot flee and therefore will fight to the last man.

Thirdly, the Taliban is obviously preparing attacks in the rear of the military junta in the Punjab, where situation recently is became highly tense.

The paper says:

"Analysts see the potential for a countermove relying on Punjabi Mujahideen to unleash a wave of partisan (literally "terrorist" - KC) strikes in Islamabad, the capital, and Punjab's largest cities, Lahore and the garrison city of Rawalpindi.

"In terms of difficulty, this is high up on the chart, said Khalid Aziz, an Islamabad-based defense analyst and a former chief secretary of the North-West Frontier Province, which oversees South Waziristan and the other tribal areas. - "Punjab is beginning to crop up as a real issue. . . . This could be highly destabilizing situation in Pakistan."

The Iranian newspaper "Tehran Times" has also noted that the Pakistani army in South Waziristan is under threat of defeat since the beginning of invasion.

The newspaper writes that if the Americans for 8 years could not have managed to cope with the Taliban in Afghanistan, then their puppets in Pakistan would not able to do it for sure.

"Undoubtedly Pakistan's assault has come under the American pressure and it doesn't represent the wishes of the citizens of Pakistan. Assuming that the solution was a military one, why have the Americans and all their allies have failed for the last eight years to eradicate al-Qaeda or the Taliban across the border?"

From other news coverage about the Taliban. On the afternoon of Oct. 16 all websites of the Taliban are turned off, and not only the website "Voice of Jihad" airing in several languages, but also websites on the Pashtu, which had never been turned off before. The reasons are unknown.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of IEA has specified in a telephone conversation with Iranian Press TV, the casualties of Americans in a helicopter downed by the Taliban.

40 American soldiers were eliminated at once as a result of rocket hit and the crash of the chopper on October 13,.

Meanwhile, the British are recruiting Indian mercenaries to the British occupation army in Afghanistan as "citizens of the British Commonwealth". Indian authorities do not interfere with it. Thus, India is the official military enemy of Afghanistan, the British press reports.

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