Saefudin Jaelani (SJ) And His Brother Shot to Death

The antiterrorism force Special Detachment 88 raided Saefudin Jaelani hideouts in Ciputat, southern area off the capital Jakarta, today, Friday, Oct 9. It was alleged that Saefudin Jaelani and his brother M Syahrir were shot to death.

Chief of the Indonesian Police General Bambang Hendarso Danuri did not reply when asked about the report. "It will be explained later," he said prior to leaving his office for the scene.

"A press conference will be set up here in the Indonesian Police headquarters," he said.

Jaelani, known by the acronym SJ, was said as the next mastermind replacing the late Noordin M Top. During the hotel attacks in Jakarta, which targeted JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton, SJ played an important role.

He was the field commander as well as recruiter of the late bombers Dani Dwi Permana and Nana Ikhwan Maulana.

SJ at times recorded any preparatory activities prior to the bombings. In one of the records, SJ cried "Down with America; Down with Australia; Down with Indonesia."

Mean time, Syahrir was strongly suspected of specializing in assembling explosives. According to Chief of Cyber Crime Unit at the Crime and Investigation Division Chief Commissioner Petrus Golose, both men were ready to launch bombings. [adm/voa-islam]

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