Bahar calls for endorsing Goldstone report at UNSC

GAZA -- Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council, has asked the Arab and Islamic countries to exert more efforts when the Goldstone report is tabled at the UN Security Council.

Bahar in a statement on Saturday welcomed the UN General Assembly's endorsement of the report's recommendations, describing it as a victory for Palestinian determination in face of "Zionist oppression and terrorism".

He regretted that the western countries' "ugly image" was evident when they voted against the report while majority of the world countries sided by values of right and justice.

The deputy PLC speaker said that Arab, Islamic countries along with friendly and peace loving countries in the world should rally for the sake of ensuring a successful vote before the UNSC.

He warned that the USA's use of the veto against such a decision would blow up its remaining credibility and would display its complete bias in favor of the "Zionist entity and its aggressive policies against our Palestinian people and their just cause".

Bahar said that the European Union is also before a "decisive test" when the report is tabled with the UNSC, either to side by objectivity, political honesty and democratic basis and thus vote for the report or at least not to vote against it or to side by the Zionist aggressive policy which would only end up with the EU in the same trench with the "criminal enemy".

The main goal of tabling the Goldstone report with the international institutions was to curb the unrestricted Zionist aggression and Israel's ability of launching future wars against any people or country, he concluded. [adm/palestine-info]

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