Campaign to boycott Israeli goods in al-Khalil

AL-KHALIL -- The Popular Campaign to Boycott Israeli Goods (PCBG) organized a tour of Al-Khalil streets and markets on Wednesday asking citizens to boycott Israeli goods and to buy instead national, Arab or foreign products.

Members of the campaign distributed a statement to the pedestrians and car passengers urging them to boycott the Israeli products and buy Palestinian alternatives to bolster national industries that provide work for thousands of unemployed.

The campaign organizers said that their message was well received by the population of al-Khalil who appreciated and agreed with the aims of the campaign.

"The campaign in al-Khalil will continue and will become more effective day by day as this constitutes an effective weapon for popular resistance and with time [the boycott of Israeli goods] will become a lifestyle to confront occupation, as every shekel paid for Israeli goods is a shekel that can be converted to bullets that kill our children, women and old people," the statement read. [adm/palestine-info]

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