C.I.A.'s 'Blackwater' unit anchored in Peshawar

Former (?) high-ranking intelligence officer of CIA Steven Cash is in charge of Peshawar office of the American terrorist unit of "Blackwater", American and Dubai sources reported.

The "Blackwater" supervisory team in Peshawar includes the following Americans: James Bill William, Copper, Steven Cash, Roderick Christopher and Alisha Cambel. They have hired several Pakistani government officials and retired army personnel at remunerations as high as $ 2,000 per day.

Various journalists have been approached and offered bribes by the "Blackwater" to implement the "psychological operations" (the so-called PSYOPs) in favor of the US in newspapers and electronic media in Pakistan.

They are pushing journalists to publish fictional news stories of Taliban, as the Psychological Operations group of US Army has planned.

"Blackwater" are paying as high as $ 1000 per published news story to journalists.

Meetings are held by the "Blackwater" in various houses rented in University Town, Peshawar and residents have reported activities with tinted glasses jeeps during late night hours.

The Pakistani woman Shoqat Maqbool, a reader of blog of well-known Dubai based Defense and Security Analyst Sana Aijazi, said that CIA's "Blackwater" operatives are also active in her city of Islamabad, who are also renting out houses there. Her cousin has seen them personally. They are armed and have vehicles without license plates.

"This is very disturbing. It looks like Zardari has sold Pakistan to the higher bidder, Shoqat Maqbool writes.

Earlier in the meeting with US Secretary of State H. Clinton Pakistani journalists asked her to give an answer on what basis the US armed groups patrolling Islamabad. Clinton could not answer that question.

We would like to recall also that a series of recent bombings in markets and shopping areas in Peshawar, which killed hundreds of Muslims, local residents and the Taliban accusing the CIA, which with the help of Western propaganda is trying to, in turn, accuse the Taliban with these mass killings. [adm/kavkaz]

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