Military, police intensify patrol on Hulaliu-Aboru border, Maluku


A joint patrol of police and military personnel has been intensified along the border of Hulaliu and Aboru Villages on Haruku Island, Central Maluku District, Maluku Province, in order to maintain security and peace for residents living in the two neighboring villages.

The situation in the border area was getting conducive but the security patrol remained intensified after an incident where three Hulaliu villagers were shot by unknown people, Senior Commissioner M Roem Choirat, spokesman of the Maluku Police, said here on Saturday.

"Alhamdulillah the security condition on Haruku Island is getting conducive. We, together with our military colleagues, have carried out a joint patrol in forest and sea areas," he said.

The police and military personnel also protect villagers collecting plantation commodities in forest.

"Personnel of the TNI (Indonesian Defense Forces) and Polri (National Police) also guard people intending to collect plantation products in forest, to anticipate a possible attack by OTK (unknown people)," he added.

The police spokesman thanked all parties, particularly religious prominent figures and others who help promote messages of peace.

"We thank religious prominent figures and local people, particularly the Assembly of Day Workers (MPH), GPM Synod and others for disseminating messages of peace," he remarked.

He called on the local villagers to remain calm and to not be provoked by misleading information circulating on the social media.

"We hope the people to remain calm and to not be provoked. Please immediately report to the nearest security officers when you hear any misleading information," he said.

The shooting incident occurred on Feb 14, 2022, causing a Hulaliu villager dead and another injured.

The incident triggered tension between the Hulaliu villagers and residents of neighboring Aboru Village. 

In late January 2022, residents of Kariuw and Ori-Pelauw Villages also on Haruku Island, were involved in a clash triggered by a misunderstanding concerning the villages' boundaries.

The clash caused over 200 homes burned down and forced a number of Kariuw villagers to take refuge to Aboru Village.

The situation in Kariuw and Ori-Pelauw Villages was conducive after the security personnel were deployed there and the villages' leaders agreed to restore peace. []

Source: Antara

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