Ministry confirms 138 Indonesian citizens in Ukraine are safe

The Foreign Affairs Ministry's Director of Protection for Indonesian Citizens and Legal Entities Judha Nugraha notified that as many as 138 Indonesian citizens in Ukraine were safe.

"According to our communication with the Indonesian citizens in Ukraine, currently, they are safe. Please, stay calm and alert, while staying contact with the Embassy of Indonesia in Kyiv," Nugraha remarked at a press briefing here on Thursday.

He also urged Indonesian citizens to contact the embassy immediately if they found themselves in a difficult situation.

Most of the 138 Indonesian citizens, comprising migrant workers, students, and spouses of the local people, reside in Kyiv, while the rest of them live in several other regions across Ukraine, the director noted.

"Some 11 Indonesian citizens live in the eastern region of Ukraine, including in Donetsk and Luhansk," he revealed.

Nugraha stated that currently, his side was preparing a contingency plan through intensive coordination with the embassy as a precautionary measure against further conflict escalation between Ukraine and Russia.

"First, we have to ensure that the location of our citizens is safe and follows the latest developments with regard to the conflict. Then, we will evaluate the situation to decide on the plan," he remarked.

Currently, the ministry has urged the Indonesian citizens to gather at the Embassy of Indonesia in Kyiv.

“Meanwhile, we urge those unable to assemble at the embassy to stay at their location while we look for a safe way to evacuate them," Nugraha stated.

The Indonesian government has conveyed its stance regarding the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia as it is concerned about the escalated situation.

Hence, Indonesia has appealed to all parties to comply with the international law regarding territorial integrity and placate the tensions through peaceful negotiations.

The government has also urged the Embassy of Indonesia in Kyiv to protect Indonesian citizens in Ukraine according to the contingency plan. []

Source: Antara

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