Muslim World Observes ‘International Day to Combat Islamophobia’


ISLAMABAD - Pakistan and the whole Muslim world is observing International Day to Combat Islamaphobia today on March 15, to denounce the rise in intolerance and discrimination against Muslims and other minorities in the West, India and other parts of the world.

The credit to announce March 15 as a day to fight Islamophobia worldwide goes to the leadership of Pakistan as the country presented a resolution at the 47th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers in Niamey, Niger, in November 2020 in this regard.

Pakistan has emerged as a leading actor among the Muslim world to voice serious concern on multiple world forums regarding Islamophobia and growing discrimination against Muslims among non-muslims.


Prime Minister Imran Khan has also been praised by many across the globe for raising concerns at the United Nations General Assembly and other forums regarding the growing insecurities against Muslims, and oppression of Muslims in various conflicts zones.[]

Source: pakobserver 



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