Afghanistan: Kabul Mosque Hit By Grenade Attack

There were six people wounded in a grenade attack at a mosque in the Afghan capital of Kabul. The blast occurred minutes after midday prayers. Attacks in Afghanistan on public targets have diminished since the Taliban seized power, however, ISIL affiliates continue to operate.

Worshippers had finished prayers and were heading out of the mosque when the attack occurred. A grenade was thrown into the Pul-e-khisti mosque and a suspect was arrested on the scene.

 A group has not claimed responsibility, however, the Islamic State of Khorasan Province, ISKP, group has carried out attacks recently in Kabul and other cities. There was a separate attack on Sunday where one person was killed and 59 wounded in an explosion at the money-changing market, Sarai Shahzada, which is not far from the attacked mosque. []

Source: https://independent.ng/afghanistan-kabul-mosque-hit-by-grenade-attack/

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